7361 W Granada Road


7361 W. Granada Road
Phoenix, AZ 85035

Cross Streets:

75th Avenue and McDowell Road

Property Status:


Multi-Year Lease with Option to Purchase Plan
(No Banks < EZ – Qual)

$1,575.00 Monthly Payment
– $100.00 Nuisance Repair Monthly Rent Credit

$1,475.00 Net Monthly Payment

Down Payment Required

$3900 ($3400 Option to Purchase Fee and a $500.00 Security Deposit Fee)

Total Move in Costs


Property Information

This 3 Bedroom, 2 bathroom 1493 square foot home with covered parking for two large vehicles is a great family home. The home is located on a quiet street with little traffic and is close to the I-10 freeway as well as shops and schools.

If interested, please submit an online application.

Think Like a Home Owner

Cannon Properties Group is not interested in renting homes to people. Cannon Properties provides homes to people who want to live in the same home for years. There is security in knowing that this is your home forever. This is your as-is home to do what you want. Paint the home whatever color you wish, landscape the yard, install new flooring. You are in control of your home.

When repairs are needed to the home, it is your responsibility to fix the home. Every month you take care of the home you are credited $100 off the rent for the month.

You are not renting so your rent will not increase. You will be responsible to pay for annual tax increases. On January 1 of each year, a 3.5% increase in the monthly payment will occur to cover the increase in taxes.

In the last year of the predetermined lease, you can buy the home with an option to purchase price that was set when you signed the lease and option to purchase several years earlier. You decide if and when you want to buy the house.

This is a tremendous opportunity to secure a home for you and your family for the rest of your life.

The first step is to compete and submit an application for occupancy.